Valentine’s Day: A Hyped-Up Day of Proclaimed Love?


So today is the day… The day where you see ladies carrying hand bouquets of flowers, heart-shaped helium balloons or cute cuddly teddy bears. And you start wondering: “Why don’t I see them as often as today?” The truth is, you don’t.

Valentine’s Day, is a day of the year to spend huge to express your loving sentiments to the other party, often the lady. Often, this is also the day when the guy declares or confesses his feelings for the lady, as it’s even easier to remember the anniversary date when both got together.

How romantic.

And we wonder why do we wait till this day at all, to do all the weird funny or what people call, special things and spend on extravagance for the sake of expressing the love between each other.

Some believes that everyday should be the Valentine’s Day, whilst others believes its a special day to really do something out of the norm for the partner.

But do people do those special things for the sake of it?

Managing the Expectations

I have a friend who told me how her husband is the most boring person. And being a miser, he hardly spends for something special like dinner or gifts for her. And yet, when he does gets a gift or plan for a special dinner, it gets her really excited and happy. Of course, this has almost never happened on the Valentine’s Day.

On the other hand, you can plan for all the special moments and gifts for the other party, and may be perceived as doing nothing special, at least to the receiving end.

So why is it that people have such difference in expectations?

Considering someone who has always been seen as special, told themselves that they deserve better, he/she would never be able to find anything special in most encounters except for those that he/she perceived as their wants.

And what if he/she has got no expectations at all?

Anything can be an amazing experience!

But expectations are a constant cycle because once you have tasted something special, some unexpected experiences, you would have developed an expectation for the next. This often becomes a downward spiral in relationships that are not mutual nor mature.


Maybe people have forgotten that a relationship is a marathon run and not the short burst of 100m race.

Valentine’s Day is just another day in the calendar if you let it be. But it can also be a very special day for both parties.

Because every relationship is different – you may both like the occasional splendour of celebrations; or you can both choose another other day to celebrate your love. The need for both ends to see each other’s perception is more important than imposing an one-sided affair.

Grasping that is going to be the fuel for the happiness and joy in being in a relationship.

Maybe its time people forget about the traditions of Valentine’s Day, the need to do something special for the sake of it. Yet, choosing to celebrate your partner’s unwavering feelings for you or how you both worked things out for each other is going to be way much more meaningful.

Valentine’s Day can be something special because you have made it that way.

If you are celebrating this special day with something off the menu, at least let the other party know why or how he/she is special to you; let him/her know it can be the simplest meal or gift, but he/she means the world to you.

Finally, to all couples, Happy Valentine’s Day!!




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