The Season of Giving – Should This be Seasonal?


In less than 10 days, we would be celebrating perhaps the greatest celebrations of the year. One that involves a whole lot of joy, laughter, gathering, sharing and of course, giving. But why wait for Christmas, when this can be done throughout the year?

I spoke to a friend from Switzerland and he said his family has removed the need for gifting during Christmas. It will all just be a celebration that brings everyone together, through time spent and joy shared.

Initially, I was surprised.

Wouldn’t Christmas be all about giving or exchanging of presents?

Doing away with the need to gift gives us more time to spend with each other since most of us are away around the world. Moreover, spending time shopping for gifts isn’t as productive since we wouldn’t know what they would like after all. If we do, we can always gift any time of the year.”

I couldn’t agree more.

There are many ways and forms that we can give.

Sometimes they come in the form of gifts, sometimes they come in the form of availability in terms of time and physical being. Regardless of the way we give, the idea of giving is one that we can continue throughout the year.

Perhaps I have always thought that gifts are the way to go to express our appreciation. Yet, it is also true that I may have spent money on things that I thought the other party would like, without really understanding if that’s really the case. It may then end up being a white elephant in their storage.

Which is Better?

Maybe gifts can still bring a smile to the other party.

Comparing that to one being present and being available, which would you prefer? [Read: How to Start Having Meaningful, Loving Relationships?]

Often I see couples and friends in cities spending time physically with each other, but their mind and their eyes are stuck to the cell phones in front of them. And during festive celebrations or special occasions, they are contented with just the expensive gifts they receive.

I am always envious and feel a heart-warming sensation when I see couples and friends who can spend their time looking at each other, chatting and sharing their laughter without a single moment of reaching for their mobile devices.

Perhaps gifts can be exchange once in a while. But what’s best to be given throughout the year?

If you know someone who has given you his/her limited resource of time and being available, it would be the best time of the year to express your gratitude and make sure you do the same in the New Year!

I have gotten my list.

Hope you have got yours too!


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