Gut Feeling vs Positive Thinking


It has been a long while since I last wrote my post. Many things have taken place and different times may have called in different measures. Amidst all of those, it is also what we often call, a writer’s block – one that sees myself looking at a blank sheet of paper or a computer screen, wondering what to write next.

And then this came up – Wala!

Have you ever experienced some feelings or what we call instincts that things may not go as what you expect, and yet, armed with an arsenal of positive psychology tools, you went on against that feeling, hoping to get a different outcome?? 

If I were to speak to a positive psychology coach, he/she would say that it is my vibration or law of attraction, that draws a certain outcome to what I expected it to be.

So does that mean I should always look over the horizon, searching for the rainbow or trust my gut that, perhaps the rainbow isn’t coming out soon?

Because defying one’s gut instincts, we also experience what we call, shifting away from your true self or cultivating a practise that disallow us to trust our instincts again. And yet, we keep asking ourselves – why didn’t I see that coming?

Often we have a certain expectation out of a situation.

We wanted the positive outcome, to get that surprise present that we thought our other half will give us; to be able to come out on top of the ranks; to be accepted from the one we love; to be given that promotion that we put in the hard work in.

Yet, even in our instincts that we thought may not turn out to be, we still strive to give, hoping that our instincts are defied. [Read: Do You Seek Acceptance?]

How Not to Beat Yourself Up Should Expectations be Different?

We all love pleasant surprises. No one likes surprises that are not aligned to what we want. Those, we call problems.

Sometimes, when we seek out that one thing, that one person that we look up to, hoping to earn their respect or a minute of encouragement, we turn up disappointed.

Then we beat ourselves up, spiralling towards the entire negativity spectrum and even worse, end up harming ourselves or giving up on the world.

But that need not be the case.

Positivity aims to bring that away, and give us a fresh breath of air.

The journey is much more important that the end results. As much as we would want that intended outcome, we may not always get it. If you are looking to always achieve what you expect, there will be times that you will be disappointed.

So the question of positive thinking, would be throughout the entire chain of thoughts, rather than a false positivity, hoping that we will get what we want through positive thinking. [Read: Take a Bite Size at Positive Psychology]

The next time you have a goal, you have someone you want to impress, things you want to achieve, go for the journey with a positive mind. The gut feeling may tell you otherwise, but like they said, the journey is what that matters.

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